Dance Studio Insurance

Dance studio insurance is insurance designed to cover the specific needs of dance studios and their teachers. Choosing the best dance studio insurance coverage for your business can save the headache of a massive financial loss due to things like lawsuits and injuries.

Finding the right coverage for your business is easy with the Progressive Advantage® Business Program. We’ll connect you with a provider and set up a policy with all the dance company insurance you need to protect your livelihood.

How much does dance studio insurance cost?

Dance studio insurance cost is determined based on a variety of factors, from number of employees to coverage needs. For example, a dance studio that requires $1 million in liability coverage will have a different cost than a dance studio requiring $500,000 in coverage.

When selecting insurance for your business, cost is always a factor, but choosing the cheapest dance studio insurance may not cover you for everything you need. Make sure you’re getting all the necessary coverage to protect your livelihood.

Basic dance studio insurance coverage:

  • General Liability: This dance studio liability coverage provides protection against accidents that can occur at your place of business, such as slip and falls, and resulting lawsuits.
  • Commercial Auto: If you use your vehicle for business purposes, such as transporting students to a recital, you’ll need commercial auto coverage. Most personal auto policies will not cover losses that occur while the vehicle is being used for business use.
  • Professional Liability: This coverage, also called errors & omissions (E&O) insurance, protects against claims of neglect and is a crucial dance teacher insurance coverage. For example, a student claims they injured themselves following the advice of an instructor and sues.

Other dance studio insurance you might need:

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