Disc Jockey Insurance

Disc jockey insurance is coverage specialized to the needs of a DJ, protecting you and your business from the many risks you encounter while on the job. Having the right disc jockey insurance coverage is crucial as it can help protect your business from the hefty costs that arise from a claim.

With the Progressive Advantage® Business Program, our experts will help match you with the right coverage to meet your DJ insurance needs.

What does it cost?

A variety of factors, such as your business size and claims history, can determine the cost of DJ insurance. For instance, a disc jockey company with a $10,000 claim on their record will have a different premium than one with no claims.

While selecting the cheapest DJ insurance may save you some money at first, it may not have all the coverages required to protect you in case of a claim. Make sure you’re getting everything you need in your policy.

Basic DJ insurance:

  • General Liability: DJ liability insurance protects your business from accidents that can arise on the job, as well as potential lawsuits. For example, a guest trips on a speaker cord at an event you’re working. General liability could help cover their medical expenses.
  • Commercial Auto: If you use your vehicle for work, such as transferring your DJ equipment to an event, you’ll need commercial auto insurance. Most personal auto policies do not cover accidents that occur while using your vehicle for business use.

Other insurance you might need:

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