Progressive's I'd Rather Be... Sweepstakes is over.
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Progressive's "I'd Rather Be..." Sweepstakes

Some people like to play golf or watch TV, while other people like to play video games or climb mountains. Whatever you're interested in, winning the $5,000 Grand Prize could could help you do more of it!

Start playing today by entering the contest and selecting one of your favorite activities. Not only will you be in the running for the $5,000 Grand Prize, but we'll also send you a free bumper sticker that reads "I'd rather be...", with the activity you selected.

For example, if you select "fishing", we'll send you a free bumper sticker and small tear off just like this:

Each time you enter, you'll increase your chance of winning the grand prize, so play today and every day until December 31, 2011.

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