Online Games

Test your skills by planning driving routes in Route-rageous! or by locating and piecing together clues like a detective in the insurance claim inspired whodunit, Special Investigations Unit: Case of the Crooked Crackup. Play these fun and addicting games and share them with your friends, then connect with us on Facebook to see what's coming next.

Attack of the Zombie Trucker Hats

Kelvin needs your help! Zombie trucker hats are attacking the Truck Stop Diner and you're the only one who can stop them! Take aim and see how many zombie hats you can hit and while sparing the terror stricken truckers.


Guide vehicles through a series of challenges by planning driving routes using arrows, speed markers and different types of vehicles. Along the way, drivers must avoid colliding with other vehicles, navigate jumps and stay on the road.

Special Investigation Unit

Become an agent in the Special Investigation Unit and help solve an insurance fraud case by uncovering a series of cleverly hidden items, assembling puzzle pieces and identifying differences in similar photographs.