Truck Perks

Save up to $100 at DAT Authority and Be Your Own Boss

Truckers: If you want to be truly independent and start your own successful trucking company, DAT Authority is the only company that provides both federal and state permits together in one package - and we handle all the paperwork! Visit DAT Authority for service descriptions and call (866) 265-3172 today and mention promo code PROGRESSIVE to save up to $100.

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Save 10% On On-board Truck Scales from CLERAL USA

Cleral provides best-in-class on-board truck scales and cutting edge weighing systems attached directly to your vehicle, available now at a discounted price for owner operators and small to medium size fleet operators.

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Truckers: Sell Your Trucks & Trailers Online Fast!

Save 50% on your first ad to sell a truck or trailer through Trucker To Trucker. That's only $10, and the ad runs until sold! Since 2003, Trucker To Trucker has helped owner operators buy and sell trucking equipment online. Use the promo code "Progressive" at checkout to activate.

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Get 30 FREE Days on Load Board Packages at TruckersEdge

Truckers: We know things can be tough out there, but TruckersEdge has your back. As the easiest-to-use load board in the biz, we'll get you where you need to be with the high-quality loads you really want.

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Join Perkshare!

If you're interested in becoming a PerkShare merchant, we'd love to hear from you. Email us, opens in an external program or page with your name, company, the best way to reach you and what you might offer through PerkShare.