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Commercial Auto Insurance Basics

Use Progressive's guide to commercial auto insurance coverages to do the following:

  • Learn basic insurance definitions
  • See who needs what coverages
  • Investigate unique features and details
  • Read examples of commercial auto insurance coverages in action

Commercial Auto Insurance Terms

Translate "insurance speak" into everyday language with our commercial auto insurance terms. Get explanations for everything from insurance coverage names to deductibles and limits.

FAQ for Commercial Auto Insurance

Find answers to frequently asked questions about commercial auto insurance, including "Do I need commercial auto insurance?"

Save Money on Commercial Auto Insurance

We provide tips to help you save on commercial auto insurance if you're looking for ways to lower the price you pay.

What to Know About Filings

Filings are documents sent to state or federal authorities as proof that you have adequate commercial auto insurance. Filings are required for for-hire truckers operating under their own authority.

Learn about commercial auto insurance filings, including a list of filing types, who needs to file and how Progressive can make filings easier.

Documents Needed for a Quote

If you're ready to get a quote, see what documents to have on hand during your commercial auto insurance quote.