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    What is dump truck insurance?

    Dump truck insurance is commercial truck coverage for companies that use dump trucks to transport dirt, sand, gravel and other materials.

    Owner operators and for-hire truckers need protection whether they operate locally or over the road. As the #1 commercial auto insurer in America*, Progressive Commercial has customizable insurance options that meet these needs and benefit your business.

    Get customized dump truck insurance

    Customized dump truck insurance depends on your business structure. Owner operators who work under their own authority will need different coverages than truckers who are leased to other companies.

    Truck drivers who operate under their own authority need liability insurance, which includes two essential coverages: bodily injury and property damage. Vehicle liability insurance covers injuries to other people or damage to their property if you’re at fault for an accident.

    Aggregate haulers who are leased to a motor carrier and working under another company might not need to purchase liability insurance. In some cases, the employer will provide it.

    Both independent and leased truckers can get other motor carrier insurance coverages, including:

    • Physical Damage: Truckers who rent or lease their vehicle often require this coverage, which pays for repairs to your truck after an accident.
    • Medical Payments: This coverage can pay medical bills for you and any passengers in your truck who are hurt in an accident or auto-related injury.
    • Uninsured Motorist: This insurance includes injuries and damage to you, your passengers and your vehicle that an uninsured or underinsured driver caused.
    • Motor Truck Cargo: This coverage can pay for damages to your cargo.

    Considering the specifics of your business will help you choose the right insurance to protect you, your company and your dump truck.

    Filings for dump truck operators

    Dump truck operators who work under their own authority usually need some type of financial responsibility filing in addition to commercial truck insurance.

    Progressive Commercial can help you with this process. When you choose our dump truck insurance, we'll complete federal and state filings for you.

    Dump truck insurance cost

    Dump truck insurance cost depends on your exposure to risk. Common truck insurance cost factors are:

    • USDOT authority
    • Coverage requirements
    • Vehicle ownership
    • Cargo
    • Operating radius
    • Driving history

    Progressive Commercial also offers discounts for truck drivers. The easiest way to learn what you’ll pay is to start a quote online or speak with an agent.

    Start a dump truck insurance quote

    Start a dump truck insurance quote today to get the best insurance for your business. You can quote online or call us to speak with a licensed agent about your commercial auto and business insurance needs.

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