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    We’re the #1 commercial auto insurer in America*, insuring more than 1.9 million commercial vehicles

    Commercial auto insurance is liability and physical damage protection for vehicles, such as cars, trucks and vans, that are used for business. Commercial vehicles require a separate policy because they’re typically exposed to more risk than personal vehicles.

    Commercial auto insurance isn’t just for industrial vehicles like semis or dump trucks. For example, businesses that use a car to run errands, carry tools or transport clients might also need a commercial auto policy.

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    Customized coverage to match your business

    Selecting commercial vehicle insurance coverage that meets your specific needs is vital to protecting your business and income. A commercial auto insurance quote typically includes:

    • Liability
    • Physical Damage
    • Medical Payments
    • Uninsured Motorist
    • Hired Auto
    • Non-Owned Coverage
    • Any Auto
    • All commercial coverages

    We can also adjust your policy to reflect seasonal changes to keep your rates low and your coverage steady.

    We also provide special benefits including customized coverages, competitive rates, discounts, exceptional claims service and more. Commercial Auto insurance covers:

    Illustrated commercial car, pickup truck with ladder rack, and van

    Business autos

    Includes cars, light trucks, SUVs, vans and more. Business auto insurance customers enjoy advantages, including discounts and access to network shops throughout the country.

    Illustrated commercial tractor trailer, dump truck, and heavy truck


    Illustration of three commercial trailers


    We cover a wide range of commercial trailers ranging from pickup truck utility trailers to large dump body trailers pulled by a tractor.

    How much does commercial auto insurance cost?

    In 2022, the national median monthly cost for commercial auto insurance through Progressive ranged from $172 for contractors to $175 for business auto customers. The average monthly cost was about $220.‡‡ Most customers find their monthly premium to be closer to the median price because expensive outliers often drive up the average cost.

    Commercial Customer Median Cost Average Cost
    Business Auto - Like cleaning services, restaurants and shops $175/month $226/month
    Contractors - Like carpenters, electricians, landscapers and painters $172/month $215/month

    For-hire truck and tow truck premiums aren’t included in these numbers. Learn more about our for-hire truck insurance costs and tow truck insurance rates.

    Several risk factors contribute to your premium, including your profession, coverage needs, vehicles, drivers, driving history and location. You can expect to pay more than the average rate if your business requires more coverage or has a history of claims.

    Learn more about commercial auto insurance cost and what you can do to save on commercial auto insurance.

    The best way to find out what you'll pay is to get a commercial auto insurance quote. Call us or start a quote online.

    Get more for your money

    It’s easy to see why we’re America’s #1 commercial auto insurer*. Our custom policies offer flexible and convenient benefits so you can focus on what matters most: your business.

    Here are just a few of the many advantages of having a Progressive commercial auto policy:

    • 24/7 policy service by phone or online
    • Adjustable coverages, any time
    • Flexible billing and payment options
    • Highly trained commercial claims adjusters
    • Unlimited travel radius offered in most states
    • Discounts

    You can save 5% automatically by enrolling in Snapshot ProView ††, an exclusive benefit for Progressive Commercial customers. Enrollees with an established safety record can save between 8% and 20%, and businesses with three or more vehicles can gain further insight with free fleet management tools.

    Two men move a table into a van with commercial auto insurance

    Do you need a commercial auto policy?

    Common questions about commercial auto insurance

    Get quick answers to some of the most asked questions about commercial auto insurance.

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    Does Progressive offer commercial auto insurance in my state?

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