Heavy Truck Roadside Assistance

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What is Heavy Truck Roadside Assistance?

Heavy Truck Roadside Assistance is a coverage that truckers can add to their commercial auto policy. It helps pay for the services you need to get back on the road after a breakdown, such as towing, winching, battery jump-start, fuel delivery, locksmith services, and flat tire replacement for your truck and attached trailer.

How does Heavy Truck Roadside Assistance work?

24/7 Heavy Truck Roadside Assistance is available for breakdowns that occur countrywide, any day of the year. It covers up to $500 in labor and $5,000 in towing to the nearest qualified repair facility for your truck and attached trailer. A $250 deductible applies at the time of service.

You can use this coverage for three roadside incidents per insured vehicle within a six-month period. We can send assistance for a fourth request, but it will be at your expense.

What services does Heavy Truck Roadside Assistance include?

Heavy Truck Roadside Assistance covers the same perils for tractor-trailers, straight trucks, dump trucks, and more. Whether you’re stuck at a loading dock or on the road, you can get the following help:

  • Vehicle towing: We can arrange to tow your truck and trailer to the nearest qualified repair facility. If you choose to have your vehicle towed to a shop that isn’t the closest one, you’ll need to pay for the extra mileage. You’ll have to cover the cost of any replacement parts applied to your vehicle.
  • Winching service: If your truck is trapped in water, sand, mud, or snow within 100 feet of a road or highway, we can pull it out.
  • Battery jump-start: We can jump-start your battery on the scene to get you back on the road.
  • Fuel and fluid delivery: Emergency delivery is available if you run out of gas, oil, or other fluids. You’ll pay for the fuel, but the service and delivery are free.
  • Locksmith service: We will dispatch a qualified locksmith if your keys are lost, stolen, or accidentally locked inside your vehicle. You only need to pay for your keys and the cost to replace them.
  • Flat-tire service: If you have a flat, a roadside professional can replace your tire at the scene at no cost if you have a spare.

Where is Heavy Truck Roadside Assistance available?

Heavy Truck Roadside Assistance is available in most states◊◊. All heavy vehicles except motorhomes, ice cream trucks, and buses are eligible for this coverage.

If you drive a light vehicle, such as a car, pickup truck, or step van, you can get commercial Roadside Assistance in all 50 states.

How to add Roadside or extra coverages

online or call 1-877-776-2436 to add these coverages.