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    What is general liability insurance?

    General liability insurance (GL) protects against lawsuits and other claims arising from your operations. Also called business liability insurance, it covers a wide range of risks that small business owners face, including:

    Learn more about these general liability coverages and how they can protect your business.

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    Who needs general liability insurance?

    A commercial general liability policy is a good fit for businesses that work with clients, sell products, advertise, and more. While not required by law, general liability is the most common type of business insurance because it protects from a variety of third-party claims and lawsuits.

    Common professions that purchase general liability insurance include:

    In some cases, employers or clients might require you to carry a certain amount of general liability before you can work for them. Read through your contracts carefully to make sure you select the right limits when getting a general liability insurance quote.

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    General liability insurance for contractors

    Contractors typically need some form of business liability insurance to protect from risks that arise during their work. Matching liability coverage to your exposure can give peace of mind against unexpected lawsuits.

    For example, if a pedestrian trips over tools a landscaping company left on the sidewalk, a general liability insurance policy can help pay their medical expenses and the business’s legal costs.

    You can buy general liability insurance through the Progressive Advantage® Business Program. We can also help qualifying contractors get blanket additional insured coverage, which extends your existing liability insurance to other entities. Some contracts and employers require this general liability endorsement.

    General liability insurance cost

    In 2023, the national median cost of general liability insurance through Progressive was $59 per month. The average price was $80.

    Most customers find their monthly premium to be closer to the median price because expensive outliers often drive up the average cost. Your rate will depend on specific features of your business, such as your profession and number of employees.

    Discover more about general liability insurance cost and learn money-saving tips to help you find the best combination between price and protection for your business. Call us or start a quote online to get a customized general liability policy.

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    Get it all in a BOP

    Small and medium-sized businesses, such as restaurants and retail stores, should consider the additional protections found in a BOP.

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