Types of commercial vehicles we insure

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As one of the top commercial vehicle insurers in the nation, we offer commercial insurance for most types of vehicles used by businesses. View a complete list of trailers we insure or businesses we insure.

Common commercial and business vehicles we insure

Progressive offers commercial auto insurance for many types of vehicles, including the following:

Business auto

For many businesses, it's cost-effective to use their personal vehicles for commercial purposes, such as transporting products. We can insure your vehicle, even if you use it for personal and commercial use.

Sport utility vehicle

If you ever use your personal SUV for business purposes (e.g., hauling cargo, transporting products), we’ll insure it with a commercial policy that covers both personal and business use.


Similar to SUVs and personal autos, many business owners transform their motorhome or RV into a business vehicle. Again, we’ll cover these types of vehicles with a commercial policy.


Many businesses are using buses to transport clients, employees, customers and more. Some businesses even use or even using them as mobile advertising. Purposes like these make buses commercial vehicles.


Progressive Commercial insures for-hire livery, or the transportation of people, in most states. If you work for yourself, Uber, or an airport, we can insure your vehicle with coverage to match your situation.

Commercial vehicles we do not insure

Progressive currently cannot provide commercial auto insurance for the following:

  • Double-decker buses
  • Emergency vehicles, such as ambulances and fire trucks
  • Exhibition vehicles, such as BigFoot®, monster trucks and race cars.
  • Golf carts
  • Military vehicles, such as a Pinzgauer or Unimog
  • Roll Packers
  • Trailer-Only policies
  • Vehicles older than 1931
  • Vehicles or cargo requiring a placard
  • Vehicles using repair plates
  • Vehicles not licensed for the road
  • Wheelchair buses

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