Truck Claims Handling

When you call 1-800-776-4737 to report a commercial truck claim, you can leave the coordination of the repairs up to us by choosing one of our network truck repair shops. You can also manage your claim independently with the repair shop of your choice.

Here are some reasons why we consider our commercial truck claims service to be the best in the industry:

In-house claims adjusters

At Progressive, we want to get you back in business fast. That's why we use in-house truck specialists to handle your commercial truck claims.

When you call to report a claim, one of these specialists will contact you to set up a vehicle inspection to assess your damages and provide you with an estimate for the repairs — usually by the end of the day or sooner.

Our specialists can also help you with immediate needs, such as answering questions or arranging for a tow. They'll even arrange to handle the tow costs so that you don't have to pay out of pocket to get your truck to the repair shop. If your truck is involved in a roll over or gets stuck in a ditch after an accident, that could mean thousands of dollars in savings.

Our commercial truck claims adjusters are fully trained through a comprehensive program that provides detailed instruction in heavy truck and special equipment claims. This training and ongoing support from other experienced adjusters helps guarantee that your representative will have the tools to handle even the most complicated heavy truck claim quickly and efficiently.

By working in-house, we're able to provide outstanding customer service, speedy repairs, management oversight, and consistent quality standards that companies using independent adjusters simply can't match.

Complete repair management

We also manage your repairs for you, from beginning to end. When you file a commercial truck claim with us, you'll work with a single representative that manages your repairs and keeps you updated on your claim's progress.

You won't have to deal with multiple contacts that could lead to frustration and extended down time.

Extensive repair network

We also work with an extensive network of repair shops recommended by industry experts, including our heavy truck claims specialists. These shops meet our high quality standards and strict repair management timelines.

When you choose one of our network shops to repair your truck, your repairs will receive exceptional status — including a Limited Lifetime Repair Guarantee — and you'll get back on the road fast.

These are just a few reasons why we take so much pride in our commercial truck claims process. For more information on how you can take advantage of our services, call 1-888-806-9598.

Truck network repair shops

Progressive's heavy truck repair network has more than 100 locations countrywide. Network truck repair shops provide speed, convenience and quality. Commercial truck towing services are also offered at several locations.

Network repair shops grant top priority to all Progressive truck claims, provide a managed repair process including constant communication with customers, and provide a Limited Lifetime Repair Guarantee.

Find a network repair shop near you.

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