Box Truck Insurance

Box truck insurance is customizable commercial auto coverage for box truck drivers and their businesses.

Progressive Commercial offers tailored box and straight truck coverages for owner operators and for-hire truckers to protect them on and off the road.

Businesses that need box truck insurance

Many types of businesses require box truck insurance for risks associated with short-haul trucking. The most common industries include:

Smaller companies might also use box trucks. For example, a bakery might own a box truck that it uses to transport products to local clients.

Your profession — along with your driving history, typical travel radius and cargo — can impact your box truck insurance cost.

Types of box and straight trucks

Box trucks can go by different names depending on the type of cargo or use. Progressive Commercial insures the following types of box trucks:

  • Cargo cutaway
  • Ice box
  • Moving truck
  • Reefer truck
  • Sleeper box
  • Tilt cab

Start a quote online or speak to an agent to learn more about insurance offerings for these vehicles.

Typical box truck insurance coverages

Typical box truck insurance coverages depend on whether you carry your own products or are a for-hire trucker.

Private carriers might need to purchase basic box truck insurance coverages, such as:

If you're a for-hire trucker and your motor carrier provides Primary Liability insurance, you may only need to purchase certain box truck insurance coverages, including:

Getting a quote is the best way to learn which coverages are right for your business.

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