Acupuncturist Insurance

Acupuncturist insurance is insurance coverage designed to protect your acupuncture business. Choosing the correct acupuncturist insurance coverage is important as it can protect your business from the crippling high cost of an accident or lawsuit.

With Progressive Advantage® Business Program, finding the best acupuncturist insurance coverage is easy. We’ll connect you with one of our providers to get an acupuncturist insurance policy started.

How much does acupuncturist insurance cost?

The cost of acupuncture business insurance is dependent on several aspects, such as coverage needs and business size. Find out more about how your rates are determined here.

Basic acupuncturist insurance coverage:

  • General Liability: This acupuncturist insurance coverage protects you and your employees from mistakes that your business could be liable for and any resulting lawsuits. For example, a client slips on a rug and becomes injured at your office. General liability could cover their medical expenses.
  • Professional Liability: This coverage, also called errors and omissions (E&O) insurance, protects your business against claims of neglect. For example, after a session a client claims their neck was injured and sues. Professional liability coverage could defend against their claim.

Other acupuncturist insurance you might need:

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Getting an acupuncturist insurance quote is simple. Contact us and our in-house agency can assist in getting you a quote.

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