Concession and Food Vendor Insurance

Concession and food vendor insurance is insurance specialized to the needs of food vendors and concessionaires alike. Choosing the right coverage to meet your concession stand or mobile food vendor insurance requirements is vital as it can protect your business from crippling losses, from an auto accident to employees severely hurting themselves on the job.

With the Progressive Advantage® Business Program, choosing the right concession insurance has never been easier. We’ll connect you with one of our providers to get the specialized coverages you need.

How much does concession and food vendor insurance cost?

The cost of concession and food vendor insurance is determined based on a variety of factors, from number of employees to risk. For example, a concessions business with just one stand will have a different rate than one with multiple mobile trailers.

While cost is always a factor when selecting your mobile food vendor insurance, getting the right coverage is what’s key. The cheapest food vendor insurance may not have the coverages to properly protect your livelihood. Make sure you’re getting everything you need.

Basic concessions and food vendor insurance coverage:

  • General Liability: The most common coverage, this protects your business from mishaps that can occur on the job and any resulting lawsuits. For example, while at an event an employee damages the event site by accident. General liability could cover the damage.
  • Commercial Auto: If your vehicle is used for your business, whether you are a mobile food vendor or not, you’ll need commercial auto insurance. Progressive insures a variety of vehicles, including concession trailers.

Other insurance you might need:

  • Cyber Insurance: Cyber insurance can protect against damages from cyber threats like data breaches. Businesses that accept credit cards or store customer data should consider this coverage.
  • Business Owners’ Policy (BOP): A BOP combines general liability insurance with additional coverages, usually property damage, into one easy to manage policy.
  • Workers’ Compensation: Workers’ comp protects your employees from injuries or accidents that occur while at work.

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