Distributors and Wholesalers Insurance

Distributors and wholesalers insurance is coverage customized to meet the insurance needs of distributors and wholesalers. Having the right coverage can protect your business from the heavy financial burden that can come with an accident or mishap on the job.

With the Progressive Advantage® Business Program, our providers can get your business set up with a wholesalers insurance policy to suit all your needs.

How much does distributors and wholesalers insurance cost?

An array of factors goes into determining the cost of wholesalers insurance. These factors include business size and claims history, among others. For example, a wholesalers insurance policy for a business with three large warehouses will have a different cost than a business with one small warehouse.

While cost is always a deciding factor, selecting the cheapest distributors and wholesalers insurance may not cover everything you need it to. Make sure you get what you need and select the right coverages for your business.

Basic distributors & wholesalers coverage:

General Liability

This coverage protects against mishaps and resulting lawsuits that your business could be held liable for. For example, while delivering a shipment, an employee accidentally drops a box on a piece of your customer’s equipment and breaks it.

Commercial Auto

This coverage is common among distributors and wholesalers who typically use their vehicles to deliver orders. Progressive insures a wide variety of vehicles used by wholesalers.

Other insurance you might need:

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ comp covers employee injuries and illnesses that occur while at work. For example, a heavy box falls off a shelf and injures an employee below. This coverage could help pay for their medical expenses.

Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance protects against damages that can occur because of a data breach. If your business stores customer info or accepts credit cards, you may need this coverage.

Business Owners Policy (BOP)

A BOP combines liability and coverage for your business property into one policy.

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