HVAC Technician Insurance

HVAC technician insurance can protect your business from common risks that could result in injuries or property damage ending in financial losses. These costly mishaps can even put your business at risk if you don’t have adequate coverage.

Protect your business through the Progressive Advantage® Business Program. We’ve partnered with select insurers who underwrite insurance specially matched for HVAC technicians.

What does it cost?

No two businesses are identical, so you can expect your HVAC insurance cost to vary from other heating and air companies. Common factors that influence your cost include your claims history, coverage needs and level of exposure, to name a few.

Learn how these and other factors affect your business insurance cost, and what you can do to save on your premium.

Basic HVAC insurance coverages:

  • General Liability: Pays for bodily injury and property damage that arises from your business. This basic coverage also includes protection for advertising injury and completed operations.
  • Commercial Auto: If you use your vehicle to travel to job sites or carry supplies such as ducts, air conditioners and tools, you’ll need a commercial policy. We insure vehicles common to HVAC contractors including cargo vans, box trucks and trailers.

Other insurance for HVAC contractors:

  • Business Owner's Policy (BOP): Combines General Liability and protection for your commercial buildings and personal property into one package.
  • Workers’ Compensation: Covers your employees’ medical costs and a portion of their lost wages should they become injured or ill on the job.

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