Law Practice Insurance

Law practice insurance is insurance designed to protect your legal-based business from accidents and their resulting lawsuits, stemming from anything from a client’s slip and fall in the office to claims of professional negligence.

Luckily, getting the right coverages for your business is simple with the Progressive Advantage® Business Program. We’ll connect you with a provider that can set up a law practice business insurance policy to cover all your needs.

How much does law practice insurance cost?

The cost of business insurance for a law firm is based on a variety of factors, from coverage needs to staff size. For example, a law firm with three attorneys on staff will have a different cost to insure than a firm with twenty attorneys on staff.

Find out more about how your rates are calculated here.

Basic law practice insurance coverages:

  • Professional Liability: Also called legal malpractice insurance, this coverage protects you from claims of negligence against your business. For example, a client claims a member of your firm’s professional negligence led to a negative result and sues. Professional liability could protect your business.
  • General Liability: General liability insurance protects against mishaps and accidents that can occur at work. For example, a customer slips in the lobby of your business and is injured. General liability could help cover their medical expenses.

Other insurance you might need:

  • Business Owners Policy (BOP): A BOP combines general liability coverage with commercial property damage, along with any additional coverages you may select.
  • Workers’ Compensation: Workers comp protects against employee injuries or illnesses that occur.

Get what you need in one place

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