Electrical Contractor Insurance

Electrical contractor insurance protects against potentially devastating financial losses caused by injuries, property damage and other common risks related to the trade.

We offer electrical contractor insurance through the Progressive Advantage® Business Program. Our team of experts will help you get customized coverage through one of our trusted providers.

Electrical contractor insurance cost

Various factors like contractual requirements, number of employees and other job-related exposures can all affect the cost of electrical insurance.

For example, an electrician who needs $10,000 in personal property protection to cover his expensive tools will usually pay more than an electrician who only needs $5,000 in coverage.

Learn how other factors affect your business insurance cost, and what you can do to maximize your savings.

Basic coverages for electricians:

  • General Liability: An essential coverage for electrical contractors. It protects against lawsuits or other financial liabilities that result from a wide range of accidents like a fire caused by faulty work.
  • Commercial Auto: Typically needed if you use your vehicle to transport work supplies like parts, testing equipment and other tools. We offer protection for a variety of vehicles including cargo vans and pick-up trucks.

Other coverages electricians might need:

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