Non-Profit Insurance

Non-profit insurance is business insurance designed to accommodate the needs of a not-for-profit organization. Having business insurance for non-profit organizations can be crucial as it can protect against a variety of risks, from a car accident involving your business vehicle to a client’s slip and fall in the office.

Luckily, getting started on a non-profit insurance policy is easy with the Progressive Advantage® Business Program. We’ll connect you with a vendor to help set up the right policy for your needs.

How much does insurance for non-profits cost?

The cost of non-profit insurance is dependent on several factors, including organization size and coverage needs. Click here to learn more about how the cost of business insurance is determined.

Basic non-profit insurance coverage:

  • General Liability: This coverage protects against a number of claims including third-party damages and customer injuries, making it an essential part of a non-profit insurance policy.
  • Commercial Auto: Auto insurance for non-profit organizations is another vital coverage, as it protects your organization’s vehicles from the hazards of the road. Progressive insures a variety of vehicles used for commercial purposes

Other non-profit insurance you might need:

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