How much is commercial auto insurance?

In 2022, the national average monthly cost for commercial auto insurance through Progressive ranged from $215 for contractor autos to $1,125 for for-hire transport trucks.‡‡ Multiple factors affect your rate, including your driving history, coverage needs and profession. In other words, your cost will be unique to you.

Progressive Commercial is the #1 commercial auto insurer in America.* We can help you customize your company’s policy to get the right coverage at a reasonable cost. See how your business type can affect your commercial auto insurance cost.

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Average commercial auto insurance cost by business type

Business Auto

Average monthly rate: $226‡‡


Average monthly rate: $215‡‡

For-Hire Truck

Average monthly rate: $736-$1,125‡‡

Tow Truck

Average monthly rate: $534‡‡

Determining your commercial vehicle insurance rate

The average commercial auto cost isn’t necessarily what you’ll pay. Many customers have a monthly premium closer to the median price because expensive outliers often drive up the average cost.

Your rate depends on specific features of your business, including coverage needs and driving history. Discover the factors that influence your premium and how to get affordable commercial auto coverage.

Commercial Customer

Median Cost

Average Cost

Business Auto $226/month $175/month
Contractors $215/month $172/month
For-Hire Specialty Truck $736/month $649/month
For-Hire Transport Truck $1,125/month $1,068/month
Tow $534/month $396/month

The best way to learn your commercial auto insurance cost is to get a quote.

Save on your commercial auto insurance cost

If you’re looking for insurance that’s right for your business, Progressive Commercial has you covered. We’ll help you save on commercial auto insurance and customize a policy for your work vehicles.

We also offer a variety of discounts and other ways to save, including:

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