Real Estate Agent Insurance

Real estate agent insurance is insurance customized to the needs of a real estate agent. Selecting the right real estate agent insurance coverages to fit your needs is vital, as it can protect against the high cost of a claim made against you.

Luckily, creating your real estate agent insurance policy is easy with the Progressive Advantage® Business Program. We can assist you with selecting the coverages to meet your real estate agent insurance requirements.

How much does real estate agent insurance cost?

Real estate agent insurance cost is calculated based on several factors, from business size to claims history. For example, a real estate firm with ten employees will have a different cost to insure than an independent agent.

Learn more about how real estate agent insurance cost is calculated here.

Basic real estate agent coverage:

  • General Liability: This real estate agent liability insurance protects against accidents and lawsuits that your business could be held liable for. For example, a customer in the office trips on a cord and becomes injured. General liability could cover their medical expenses.
  • Commercial Auto: If your vehicle is used for business purposes, such as transporting clients to a showing, you’ll need a commercial auto policy. Progressive also offers a wide variety of commercial auto discounts.
  • Professional Liability: This coverage, also called errors and omissions (E&O) insurance, protects against claims of negligence against you and your real estate agent business.

Other real estate agent insurance you might need:

Get what you need in one place

Starting a real estate agent insurance quote couldn’t be easier. Just call or start a quote online, and we’ll help you get the real estate agent insurance coverage that’s right for your business.

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