Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing are key components to the success of your small business. Learn how to reach more prospects and discover ways to increase sales and customer retention.

10 Ways to Improve Customer Retention and Repeat Business

It wasn't too long ago that marketing focused primarily on bringing in new customers. TV and radio commercials, print ads and even billboards were geared toward reaching the right demographics but didn't often target existing customers.

Written by Shama Hyder

How to Coach Your Employees in Customer Service

Some people think offering good customer service is a trait, not a learned skill. In reality, a little training can dramatically improve the customer service performance of any employee. As business owners build and nurture their teams, solid training can make a big difference in the quality of service customers receive.

Written by Ramon Ray

Mobile Retail How to Make Sure You're Ready for the Future

The Internet and mobile devices have forever changed the way consumers shop. Now that most Americans have a smartphone in hand at all times, the shopping experience is happening in both the sofa and the store. Instead of researching before leaving the house, customers can compare prices and learn more about products all while standing in front of the very items they're considering buying.

Written by Ramon Ray

3 Ways to Build Customer Trust

Building trust doesn't happen overnight. It's earned over time and with no shortcuts. Considering how long trust takes to build — and how difficult the process can be — it's rare to find a customer who has complete faith in a brand. But it's not impossible.

Written by John Hall

5 Ways to Grow Your Retail Business Faster

In retail, a lot of time is spent acquiring new customers. And, while new customers are definitely important, acquiring them can be time-consuming and expensive. It's far easier to sell more to those who already love you.

Written by Carol Roth

5 Ways to Use Social Media to Boost Sales

Among today's most potent solutions for creating conversation and building brand awareness, social media can be one of the most powerful tools available for promoting and marketing your startup or small business. But as many professionals have also discovered, making the most of social networks isn't simply about driving more likes or page views — it's about finding better ways to engage audiences and convert their enthusiasm into tangible sales.

Written by Scott Steinberg

5 Ways to Boost Business Using Gamification

Gamification is typically used to drive sales by getting customers to compete with one another (or just themselves) to earn products or services. It also can be used to engage and motivate employees and customers by helping them reach certain goals. The underlying strength of it is that most people love to play games and compete, so it's not difficult to capture their interest.

Written by Anita Bruzzese