Car Hauler Insurance

What is car hauler insurance?

Car hauler insurance is commercial truck insurance customized for your company, truck, and the vehicles you haul. It can cover transported autos, liability for injuries and property damage, and other risks in your industry.

The right insurance for your auto hauling company safeguards your assets and complies with federal and state laws. Learn more about how Progressive can help financially protect your trucking business.

Car hauler insurance requirements

The requirements for car hauling insurance vary depending on factors such as your location and company needs. Different types of coverage are available for different risks.

Nearly every state requires auto haulers to carry the following types of insurance:

  • Primary liability: Vehicle liability insurance includes two coverages, bodily injury and property damage. Together, they cover other people's injuries or property damage if you're responsible for an accident up to a $2 million combined single limit.
  • Motor truck cargo insurance: Motor truck cargo insurance protects your truck's freight and cargo during shipment against damage caused by fire, collision, and other hazards on the road. It protects the cars you haul under a shipping receipt, including during loading, transit, unloading, and while waiting at terminals or docks.

What other car carrier insurance options are available?

Relying only on liability and cargo coverages can leave gaps in commercial auto insurance for truckers. To make sure you have broad protection against unforeseen losses, consider these additional coverages:

General liability for truckers

Motor truck general liability insurance can be added to your commercial auto policy. It covers a variety of events that are not directly related to operating your truck, such as incorrect deliveries resulting in damage and customer injuries on your property.

Large motor carrier companies often require independent for-hire truckers to carry this coverage.

Physical damage coverage

Physical damage insurance protects your commercial truck from covered events by paying repair or replacement costs. Collision coverage pays for damages from accidents, regardless of fault, while comprehensive coverage handles non-collision incidents like theft or weather damage.

Uninsured motorist insurance

Uninsured motorist insurance provides coverage if your auto hauler is in an accident with a driver who doesn't have sufficient liability insurance. Options vary by state and include coverages like uninsured motorist (UM), underinsured motorist (UIM), and uninsured motorist property damage (UMPD).

Heavy truck roadside assistance

Heavy truck roadside assistance is an add-on coverage to your commercial policy that can help you get back on the road after a breakdown. It covers towing, winching, jump-starts, fuel delivery, locksmith assistance, and flat tire replacement for your truck and attached trailer.

Trailer interchange insurance

Trailer interchange insurance is physical damage coverage for trailers under a trailer interchange agreement. It covers events like collision, fire, theft, or vandalism to trailers that you don't own.

Rental reimbursement with downtime

Rental reimbursement with downtime covers rental vehicle expenses or assists with truck payments and other bills if your vehicle cannot be used because of an accident.

How much does car hauler insurance cost?

Your auto hauler insurance cost is unique to your business and depends on various factors, including:

  • Coverage types
  • Driving safety record
  • Transported vehicles
  • Car carrier size
  • Location
  • Operating radius

Learn more about how much commercial truck insurance costs and ask about our vehicle insurance discounts when getting a quote.

Get car hauler insurance for your trucking business

Car hauler insurance can cover accidents, cargo damage, breakdowns, and more. The appropriate policy lets you focus on your operations, knowing your business is secure.

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