Medical Payments Insurance or MedPay Insurance

Medical Payments coverage, also known as MedPay, pays medical expenses for you and any passengers injured during an accident or auto-related incident. It protects you regardless of who is at fault.

Who needs Medical Payments coverage?

Since Medical Payments coverage protects you, your family, your employees and other passengers in your car, it can be an important insurance to help protect both you and those you care about.

Medical Payments coverage is mandatory in some states and not available in other states or situations. Contact us to learn what coverage options are available for your business.

Medical Payments coverage limits and other details

You must select a limit for your Medical Payments coverage. This limit determines the maximum amount your insurance company will pay for each person involved in an accident.

Medical Payments coverage examples

Example 1

You're driving in your lane when an out-of-control SUV runs you off the road.

Your car looks fine, but your arm really hurts after it hit the steering wheel. Your wife, who was riding with you, hit her forehead on the side window and now has a lump and a bad headache.

If you chose Medical Payments coverage and selected a $2,000 limit, your insurance would pay the $1,000 charge to have your arm X-rayed and the $750 for your wife's doctor visit.

Since each of your expenses was less than your $2,000 per-person limit, Medical Payments coverage would cover your medical costs.

Example 2

Your daughter accidentally slams the car door on your hand. Fortunately, you selected Medical Payments coverage with a $1,000 limit.

Your total bill for an X-ray and cast is $1,500. MedPay will cover $1,000 of the bill, and you will be responsible for the remaining $500.

Medical Payments coverage exceptions and restrictions

To purchase Medical Payments coverage, you must also select either Liability insurance or Contingent Liability insurance.

Multiple Vehicles

  • MedPay limits must be the same for all vehicles on a multi-vehicle policy.
  • In some states, if you select Medical Payments coverage on one vehicle, you must select Medical Payments coverage for all of your vehicles insured on the policy.

Medical Payments coverage is available only for vehicles and cannot be applied to trailers or similar attached equipment.

Medical Payments coverage will not apply to a person who is injured during the course of employment when workers' compensation should apply.

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