Business Finance

Learn how to effectively manage your money to increase revenue, cash flow and your net income. The better you understand small business finance, the easier it is to make good decisions that help you grow.

Having Trouble Getting Paid by Customers?

Cash flow is the most critical factor for business success. Having outstanding invoices – and no funds in the bank – can cause major stress on any business. Often, the bigger the business, the slower they are to pay. This means that your biggest invoices may take the longest to get paid.

Written by Carol Roth

Running Your Biz on Spreadsheet

Running a modern-day business may seem like a straightforward process, but oftentimes it's a careful balancing act. And all too often, it's hard to maintain that delicate balance, especially in the face of today's fast-changing and often wildly unpredictable markets.

Written by Scott Steinberg

How to Save on Insurance

Besides qualifying for commercial auto discounts, there are other ways you can keep your commercial auto insurance costs down. Choose the options that fit your business' needs and your commercial auto insurance budget.

10 Simple Ways Every Small Business Can Cut Expenses Now

Of all the challenges small businesses face, holding the line on costs while trying to expand or with a slow economy may be one of the toughest. When sales slow or expansion eats into your profits, don't panic – consider these 10 easy ways to cut costs instead.

Written by Anita Bruzzese

10 Simple Ways to Find Retail Customers Online

Retailers face an interesting challenge in today's social media-driven marketing world. They want to reach customers, but they struggle to be heard over all the noise. Big-box retailers leverage their large budgets to purchase TV and print ads, as well as paid advertising online. This can leave small retailers struggling to find a way to market big on a limited budget. Here are ten easy ways to locate and win over retail customers online.

Written by Ramon Ray

10 Free Services That Could Save You Money

The only thing better than getting something for free is when that something helps you save money at the same time. With all the new technologies, businesses and services cropping up, it can be hard to navigate the best ways to save money. Here are 10 money-saving services and apps you should have on your radar.

Written by John Hall