Truck Claims Services

We're dedicated to making our truck claims service the fastest and most effective in the commercial truck insurance industry. We have adjusters specially trained to handle truck and heavy equipment claims, a network of pre-approved repair shops, strict standards of quality and more.

Progressive truck claims network

Our commercial truck claims network consists of our commercial claims specialists and our repair network shops. Both understand the importance of getting you back in business quickly.

Commercial claims specialists

Only Progressive uses 100% in-house heavy truck insurance specialists to process their commercial truck claims. This provides fast, quality truck claim handling and 24/7 customer service. You can expect the following benefits from our commercial claims process:

  • Speed – Compared to companies that hire independent adjusters to process their claims, Progressive gains an edge in speed by handling all truck insurance claims in-house. Using all in-house adjusters allows us to maintain a single standard of quality that companies using independent adjusters lack.
  • Quality – Our adjusters are trained through our Professional Development Program. This includes training by experts on relevant commercial equipment that goes beyond “learn as you go” training. Our experienced adjusters provide consistent, comprehensive oversight and file audits to maintain our standards. We’re also the only insurer with its own truck physical damage claims training facility.
  • Efficiency – We manage repairs for you. We provide a single point of contact for our customers when they report a truck claim. This prevents customers from dealing with multiple representatives that can result in frustration and costly delays. This one-to-one representative handles repair management from the beginning to the end of the repair process.

Repair network shops

Finding a repair shop you can trust can be difficult. If you decide to use a repair facility within the Progressive Repair Network you can expect:

  • Priority status – Not only must a network repair shop adhere to a strict repair management timeline, they also must give Progressive repairs a priority status. This helps assure that you get back in business as soon as possible.
  • Reliability – We don’t take chances when selecting a repair shop. Our network shops are selected through industry recommendations and our heavy truck claims specialists. You need to know the shop making your repairs can get the job done quickly and thoroughly. Once your vehicle is repaired, it must pass a quality review by your representative before it’s returned to you.
  • High-quality standards – All shops that work with us must complete a probationary period and meet specific qualification standards to make sure they can provide the best possible service.

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