Frequently Asked Questions

Our customer service representatives answer thousands of questions each day. To save you the phone call, we've collected some of the most common questions and answered them for you below.

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Do I need commercial auto insurance?

While the decision to purchase commercial auto insurance for some businesses is obvious, for others it's more complicated. For example, even though an Avon representative may use their car to deliver products once a week, a personal insurance policy would still fit their needs.

What insurance coverages do I need for my business?

Every business has different needs. With Progressive Commercial auto insurance, you can customize a policy just for you to ensure both you and your business are fully protected.

Our direct representatives and local independent agents are knowledgeable about what businesses like yours need. When you purchase a commercial auto insurance policy with Progressive Commercial, we'll help you choose the right coverage for your business. You'll never have to make those important decisions alone.

How do I save money on my insurance?

Most customers want to save money, especially because insurance is one of the biggest expenses for businesses. Driving those costs down can instantly impact your bottom line.

At Progressive, we understand you want to save money. That's why we offer a list of money-saving tips — choices you can make to help save on commercial auto insurance.

What do I need to get a quote?

Whether you plan to visit your local independent agent or call one of our direct representatives at 1-888-806-9598, a little preparation can save you a lot of time when you're ready to get a quote.

Learn what you should have ready with our commercial auto insurance quote checklist.

Are there businesses or vehicles Progressive doesn't insure?

Progressive offers commercial auto insurance to almost all business and vehicle types. There are some business and vehicle types that we don't insure, however.

See a list of what we do not insure.

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