Do you need commercial auto insurance?

Figuring out if you need commercial or personal auto insurance can be confusing, especially if you use your vehicle for business and personal errands.

Progressive can help you understand the differences between commercial and personal insurance so you can find the best option for your business. Answer a few questions and read more to learn whether a commercial or personal auto policy is right for you.

Commercial vs. personal auto insurance

Commercial and personal policies both protect against lawsuits, bodily injury, property damage, and other issues. That said, commercial auto insurance typically has higher limits and covers more complex claims.

Here are some things to consider when deciding what kind of insurance policy you need:

  • Who owns and drives the vehicle: If the vehicle is in your business’s name or your employees drive it regularly, you’ll probably need commercial auto insurance. Some sole proprietors might get the protection they need with a personal auto policy, but it can depend on their profession and vehicle use.
  • How the vehicle is used: How often you use the vehicle and what you use it for can determine your policy type. Commercial auto insurance might be the best fit for your business if you travel to various jobsites, carry tools and equipment, or make deliveries. However, sole proprietors who use their vehicle to commute might only need personal auto insurance.
  • The type and weight of the vehicle: You’ll need a commercial auto insurance policy if your vehicle is heavier than a typical pickup or SUV, like a dump truck, semi truck, or commercial trailer. Heavy duty vehicles can cause more damage if they’re involved in an accident.
  • Required business liability limits: If your business vehicle requires higher liability limits, you will typically need commercial auto insurance. This additional protection can help your business in case of an accident or other claim.

Common questions about commercial and personal auto insurance

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