Black Car and Limousine Insurance

Black car and limousine insurance are types of livery coverage designed to protect limos and other luxury vehicles that transport passengers on a for-hire basis.

Black car and limousine livery differ from taxi livery in a few important ways. Unlike taxi services, limo and black car businesses schedule pre-arranged rides with specific pick-up and drop-off locations and usually drive luxury sedans or SUVs. Learn more about limousine insurance cost factors, requirements and how this type of insurance can benefit your small business.

Black car and limo insurance requirements

Insurance companies generally have a set of black car and limo insurance requirements and rating factors you’ll need to consider. These might include:

  • The vehicle’s length – Your insurance company may have guidelines for stretched vehicles.
  • The age of the vehicle – Older cars may not be acceptable.
  • Minimum coverage limits and your deductibles – You may be required to carry higher limits than state minimum coverage.

The state, or states, where you operate might have additional or different requirements. Be sure to check with your local DMV for exact requirements or restrictions.

Black car and limo insurance cost

Several factors influence black car and limo insurance cost, including location, vehicle value, vehicle size, driver history and coverage needs. Your premium will likely differ if you operate in a suburban area versus a large city. The age and value of your vehicle will also be a factor. There can be a considerable price difference between an older model sedan and a brand-new stretch limo. Take advantage of our discounts to help minimize your insurance cost.

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