Dump Truck Insurance

You keep an eye on the weather. You check the overhead clearance. You make sure your dump truck is as level as possible before dumping a load. Your truck is your business — and you need to keep it well maintained. For aggregate haulers with dump trucks, sand and gravel haulers insurance is yet another worry when you've already got enough on your mind.

At Progressive, we work hard to provide the best insurance for sand and gravel haulers because it's not just about protecting you or your dump truck - it's about protecting your business and livelihood, and it’s about peace of mind.

Basic Dump Truck Insurance

If you're an aggregate hauler who is leased to a motor carrier, then your motor carrier may provide Primary Liability Insurance coverage for your dump truck while you're on the job. Likely, you need to find your own Physical Damage Insurance (covering damage to your vehicle) Check out the independent owner operator trucking section to learn about Physical Damage insurance for your dump truck as well as insurance to protect you when you're driving off the clock.

If you're a motor carrier operating under your own authority, then you need full coverage insurance. Check out the motor carrier insurance section to learn about the full range of dump truck insurance coverage that we offer to protect you, your business, and your truck.

Motor Carrier Filings for Dump Truck Operators

If you're a motor carrier, then you operate under your own authority. Motor carriers usually need some type of financial responsibility filing along with commercial truck insurance. Progressive can help you out. When you choose Progressive’s sand and gravel haulers insurance for dump trucks, we'll even file most federal and state filings for you.

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